The word on the street from venues, brides, grooms, & recording artists

Joe Vader
Owner of Lucky Joe's

Christine Alice is a true asset to Lucky Joe's when she plays here. She is adept at reading crowds and keeping a great vibe going on throughout her sets. She is one of our "A" list musicians for a reason, she can flat out sing and play!

Owner of Marr's Tavern

Christine Alice is one of the favorite artists that we bring to The Tavern at Red Feather Lakes. She never dissapoints and is so entertaining. We can't give her enough praise! Her humble and down to earth approach is so refreshing. Definetly a fan favorite as well.

Andy Whilden
Uplift: FoCo - Founder
String Cheese Incident - Monitor Engineer
Audio Engineer at Washington's, The Aggie, & The Mishawaka
Music District 

Christine is a Fort Collins gem! She brings powerful vocals and beautiful guitar playing to every performance, and backs that up with a passion for serving the community. Her music instruction is engaging and responsive, and our students love working with her. She's too humble to ever say it, but this town is lucky to have her!  Be on the lookout for this emerging artist to change the world, both on and off the stage!

Joe Calendario
Recording artist

Christine is a talented professional vocalist, and I was honored to work and collaborate with her on my recent recording. She brings a down to earth, laid back professional atmosphere to the recording session, and delivered a stellar angelic performance for the song. Thank you, Christine.

Bill Rankin
Recording Artist

We asked Christine to do some backup vox on a few songs & a duet at Stout Studio. She was super professional & an absolute pleasure to work with. She was prepared, professional & had some great ideas. She was so awesome, that right there on the spot, we asked her to do some vox on a tune she'd never heard. She not only crushed it, but had a great idea that takes the tune to the next level, IMO. I strongly recommend her! Oh, her voice is goddamn gorgeous. We feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with such an accomplished musician.

Charles Forseith
The Groom

Christine and the band couldn't have been more pleasant to work with-from the initial planning stages and planning the set list, to the day of the wedding, where due to weather, Chrisine and the band accommodated last minute changes. The music was fantastic and pleased everyone, and to this day our guests remember and talk about the music more than our actual ceremony. You can't go wrong with this option.

Meredith and Fadil
Owners of CJ's Patio Grill

We have had the great honor of Christine Alice performing at CJ's Patio Grill once a month for the past year. Christine is kind, confident and an incredible performer that draws a crowd everytime she plays. From old classics to originals, she truly rocks the house

Katie Barstow
The Bride

...In addition to Christine's beautiful music & voice, she did a fantastic job blending in with the wedding guests and making everyone comfortable and happy...I couldn't recommend a better wedding singer - all of my guests were thrilled and impressed with her music. 

Christina Larson
Real Estate agent party organizer

An Amazing singer with demeanor, classiness, politeness, musical knowledge and a beautiful voice. I am 100% impressed with Christine and unfortunately, I'm not usually very easily impressed. I am a new groupie!

Izzy Bowen
Music Manager of Pourhouse 

...Booking her will not only boost your sales, it'll ensure customer return. Not to mention she's an incredible human, with a heart and a brilliant mind. I look forward to every evening we are graced with her presence.

Rich Johnson
Booking Agent

My experience with booking Christine for the past 4 years at the Derby Grill and the Wild Cider in Firestone has been absolutely fantastic. She is the consummate professional with so much talent. A great performer and great at reading the audience and delivering a memorable presentation every time. 

Pete Arens
The Groom

Christine Alice was the easiest choice of my wedding. Not only was she vocally gifted, but she added a musical experience I'll remember for the rest of my life.

The Sullivan Family
Mourning the loss of a family member

Christine is an amazing musician...I can't tell you how many people complemented us on her talent and asked where we found her...We were so lucky to have her uplifting spirit and music to honor our Mom, Grandma, and friend

Lidia Verela
High Country Beverage

Christine is professional, detailed, and punctual. Christine has an energetic personality, and her musical skills are superb.

Owner of The Press 

What a fantastic performance! From vocal to grabbing the crowd and keeping them engaged. Great Show!

Stephen Spruce
Business Man

Christine is flat out awesome. She was convinced by a coworker of mine to surprise me at my house with a soulful rendition of Adam Sandler's "Hannukah song" that left me tears. I loved Christine so much that I returned the favor and persuaded Christine to surprise my coworker back with a funky version of Jason Mraz's "you bleeping did it" which was done so well I think Jason would have given Christine a standing ovation. Christine is a true music pro and I highly recommend to everyone to check out one of her shows or hire her to liven up a room. the girl rocks!

Samantha Erin
Guitar student

Christine has been such an encouraging teacher for my guitar lessons! I appreciate the time she takes to show me different techniques and her knowledge in music. She has shown me voicing  on the guitar, finger picking, and different ways to stylize the songs I'm learning. I would highly recommend her for guitar lessons.

Kim Martin
Organizer of private party

Christine was absolutely wonderful. Has the most amazing voice. Hit of the party for sure. I would highly recommend her for any event.

Sarah Kirk
Music Student

Christine Alice is not only talented musician and teacher she is an amazing human being! I love receiving lessons from Christine! She is teaching me theory at the moment which isn't my strong suit, but she is teaching me in a way that is informative and also fun! I definitely give her 5 stars in her abilities as a teacher and a musician.

Greg Van Heel
Guitar student

Christine is an incredible guitar teacher. Before we started I had been playing about a year mostly from apps and YouTube. She has opened my eyes to playing and hearing music in new ways and it's allowing me to get out of my own way. Her knowledge of music theory has been a big help to expand my mind of how guitar relates to other forms of music. I love what she's taught me and I'd recommend her to anyone!!

Haley Park
Music Student

Christine not only has the sheer talent to be an excellent coach, but also carries compassion and has a natural aptitude to teach. She challenges yet supports her students in such a way that makes learning feel fun and fulfilling, making you excited for the next lesson. I would highly recommend her over and over again to anyone that wants to begin or enhance their musicianship.

AnneMarie Kirkpatrick
Fort Collins Moves

Christine Alice shone with professionalism, a beautiful sound, and the perfect energy for our summer crowd. Thank you for the gift of your talent!

Sherrell Spoelma
Organizer of 5k Race

Christine did an incredible job at our 15th Annual 5K Run/Walk event we had for Sierra's Race Against Meningitis. We received multiple comments from our participants, volunteers and vendors about how talented and friendly she was throughout the race! She has a gift and we were so blessed to have had her a part of our event - we look forward to partnering again with her next time!

Noah Steger
Voice Student

I've been taking voice lessons with Christine for over 6 months now and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She has helped me with vocal technique, expanding my range, and even worked with me of a few tunes in my repertoire. I feel so much more confident on stage and feel like I am a much better singer that I was. I will definitely continue to take lessons with her for the foreseeable future. Thanks Christine! 

Amanda Eichhorn
Piano student's mother

I feel so fortunate to have found Christine! It's not hard to see her passion for sharing her love of music with my daughter. It has been so fun to see my daughter's ability & confidence grow after each session!